EDO ninja Quest Cheat ( How to collect legendary box faster)

Hai, Sorry for late to post this trick, But Edo ninja Quest was still you can play. Ok, now I will explain a trick to collect legendary box faster. Lets chek it up.

1. Download WPE PRO on link below


2. Play Ameba pico use Opera or Google Chrome Browser. (I used Opera)

3. Try to find legendary box in several places of edo( Jokamachi, Secret ninja Dojo, Backstreet of Edo, Riverside of Edo and Ooku Living Room)

4. If you find a box, lets open WPE Pro then select Opera.exe or chrome.exe  as Target Program, then click start logging.

5. After you clicked start logging then click the lagendary box that you have found.
6. After you got a thing of that box, click stop logging. Will appear Logging result on right side of WPE PRO. then find send function like the picture below.

7. The words in the send function is typically the quest_edo ”  .

8. Right click on that function and then select send, will emerge a new window and follow the settings below.


               Send  : Continously

               Timer : 1000

9. Then click the send button to process.


10. You‘ll get the stuff over and over again by using a little energy.

11. If you can’t run WPE PRO, disable your anti-virus. Good luck


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